About us

first AGM

Construction of our 25-unit apartment style cohousing community was completed on 4.37 acres of former farmland in 2009, located in Nanaimo’s Harewood neighbourhood.

We have a mix of one, two, two bedroom and den, three and three bedroom and den units, ranging in size from 711 to 1550 square feet. Each unit opens onto the glass-roofed atrium, which leads to an extensive 8,000+ square foot Common House.

The property has lots of space with tall trees, wildflowers, bees, butterflies, eagles and deer, a salmon-bearing stream, a seasonal pond with ducks and singing frogs, and a westward view of Mount Benson.

Vancouver Island has the longest growing season in Canada, and we have flourishing organic gardens on the site. Once an old farm, it still has some of the original fruit trees.

Pacific Gardens was built adhering closely to LEED Guidelines, to ensure the construction, occupation and maintenance of our building is environmentally sustainable.