Unit for Sale & Rental

Unit #203 is now available for sale at $430,000. This three-bedroom-and-den is ideal for families. At 1500-foot-square it has one bedroom and den upstairs, with a large kitchen area and living-room, plus full bath; downstairs has two more bedrooms and full bath, plus ample storage within the unit and a storage locker in the basement. Amenities include kitchen/dining hall, music room, crafts room, exercise room, woodworking shop, children’s play room and organic gardens. Close to VIU, Nanaimo Aquatic Centre, University Village Mall, and downtown. Call 250- 754-3060 or e-mail info@pacificgardens.ca to make an appointment for viewing. You need to wear masks and follow covid protocols to view this suite. Since there is a tenant in it currently, they need 48 hours notice before it can be viewed. Here are a few photos. We have more photos of our extensive community amenities and events on our Instagram and Facebook pages as well as in our online newsletter which you can sign onto for free! 

We don’t have any rentals at this time. We do however, keep a wait list for sales and rentals which we refer to when units become available. Please send us an email to join our wait list.

We maintain an active confidential wait list for available units. Homes tend to sell quickly here so we encourage you to get on our wait list in advance of your personal timelines for moving, renting and/or purchasing a home.

Homes are purchased and sold by owners in the same way as in any other condominium building.

However, it is our hope that sellers will sell their units to people who have demonstrated a genuine interest in cohousing and a willingness to do the social, emotional and practical work that support the healthy functioning of a cohousing community.

If sellers and landlords wish to use our services and expertise, we have a Sales and Rental Support Team that is available to assist them in finding purchasers and tenants who are compatible with cohousing.

It is our expectation that prospective purchasers and tenants will participate in:

  • a tour of the property with one of our members
  •  one or more social events to get to know different members of the community (and vice versa) i.e potluck dinners or drink and dessert nights

If you still are interested in joining our community, we would encourage you to participate in:

  • a community meeting (usually the first Monday of the month)
  • a cohousing conversation (a gathering with half a dozen residents of different ages and life stages to explore each other’s expectations and experiences of living in cohousing)

We would also encourage potential community members (buyers) to read the minutes of our strata and community meetings for the last two years, our bylaws, consensual guidelines, and financial reports. When prospective buyers have reached that level of interest, we provide them with a link to a Google Drive where they can view all those materials.

Living in a cohousing community requires a shift towards a cooperative culture from “Me to We” and away from the competitive culture that most of us have been immersed in during our lives. It is a significant change of orientation, and it requires effort and personal growth.

Cohousing has many benefits and rewards, and we are eager to share the joys of this lifestyle with you!